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Women Writers Project Website 

Brown University Women Writers Project Home Page 

STG lead(s): Giovanna Roz, David Reville

STG provided both general and specific input to the development of the Women Writers Project website to support the publication of the textbase. We redesigned the entire website, streamlining it and creating a new, consistent look for the site and the WWP product, Women Writers Online.  

The Brown University Women Writers Project's main undertaking is an SGML-encoded full-text database of pre-Victorian women's writing in English. This collection currently includes nearly 200 texts representing a broad cross-section of the literate culture of pre-Victorian Britain. The WWP supports teaching and research in a wide variety of disciplines such as English, history, women's studies, comparative literature, and religious studies.Allen 

Principal Investigator(s) or Parent Project Lead(s):
Allen Renear
Scholarly Technology Group, Brown University 
Type: website 

STG involvement initiated: 1998   Status:maintenance 
STG consulting completed: 1999 

  Record last modified: 13-Sep-2005 

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